About Us

About Aquaflex

Reliability and quality

For more than 35 years, AQUAFLEX has been the quality leader the in waterproofing supply industry, offering excellent building solutions with supreme processing reliability.

AQUAFLEX today is still an independent family-owned business. We have been able to retain our most important tradition: uncompromising quality. This is something we guarantee by applying the latest rigidly enforced quality assurance procedures. It’s no coincidence that AQUAFLEX is regarded as the premium partner in the buildings waterproofing sector.

AQUAFLEX with our Cost-effective system solutions for the trade

Our aim is to be a leading supplier of waterproofing and environmental solutions




Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and personalised customer service. We can offer excellent  technical advice, with over 35 years experience.

We want to be a leading provider of waterproofing products and solutions, give excellent services to new customers and current clients.



Our vision is to lead the global waterproofing industry through innovation, expertise and by providing a seamless customer experience that delivers excellent business results and exceeds the expectations of our customers.



The following principles reflect our values, define our culture, and guide our actions:

Lead with humility and respect.

Earn trust through authenticity and accountability.

Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships with customers, associates and suppliers.

  • Practice servant leadership and excellent customer service.