Specialised Cements

  • Specialised Cements
Specialised cements have been designed to be waterproof and assist waterproofing.  Some products can,  be used underwater, Stop seeping water If you need to stop a leak in a concrete pipe or basements, you can  find the most suitable specialized cements here at Aquflex, please contact us for more information.


ARDEX A 46 is a rapid setting and drying, slump-free mortar. Easy to use ARDEX A 46 mixes and trowels easily and gives a smooth finish on both walls and floors. The exceptional hardness and shrinkage free finish of ARDEX A 46 is ideal for creating new ramps, forming coves, patch repairs, stairs, making good around penetrations and filling cracks, from 2 – 30mm application 
ARDEX LQ 92 is a cement-based underlay for levelling uneven concrete floors prior to tiling. Not recommended for use under vinyl coverings.
• Self smoothing
• Polymer modified – apply from feather edge to 10mm
• Early walkability – tile over after approx 4 hours
• Suitable for use with underfloor heating
• May be mixed with ARDEX Abalastic liquid when incorporating heating wires.

MAXGRIP is a mixture of cements and selected special additives and aggregates. A pourable, cement-base, non-shrinking, quick-setting hydraulic compound.

• Setting anchor bolts, rail posts, signposts.

• Parking meters, reinforcing rods and fixtures.

• Heavy machinery anchoring, hooks, pulleys.

• Park seats, bridge railings, partitions.

• Safety rails, hand rails, balustrades.

• Flag and light poles.

ECO SYSTEMS ECO SCREED RAPID CONCENTRATE is a rapid setting screed binder for mixing with graded screed sand aggregates 0 - 0.8mm Formulated for thin and thick bed installations, bonded and unbonded installations that require a fast setting screed with high strength. Recommended for internal and external applications. Suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications including levelling coats, mortar beds, sloped shower beds or fast set repair of masonry surfaces.

PROBLEND™ EPOXY GROUT is a 2-part, high performance, chemical resistant epoxy grout for internal and external applications. PROBLEND™ EPOXY GROUT is non sag, non shrink, easy application, easy clean up and is colour consistent. It is stain resistant, impermeable, and has high temperature resistance. PROBLEND™ EPOXY GROUT offers maximum protection against staining, and chemical attack from food, beverages, chemicals and cleaning detergents.

Sikafloor Level PRO is a self-levelling underlayment used to level a substrate prior to the application of commercial & domestic flooring. Sikafloor Level PRO can be applied from 0 – 50mm in one application and seeks its own level in minutes.

MAXSEAL FLEX is a two-component product. Component “A” is a water-based special acrylic resin and component “B”, is a mortar based mixture of special cements, additives and well-graded aggregates. Once applied and cured, MAXSEAL FLEX provides a non-toxic, flexible and waterproof coating with very high adhesion on those common substrates in construction Waterproofing and protection of water retaining structures, such as drinking water tanks, reservoirs, water mains and swimming pools. • Waterproofing of below-grade structures concrete, natural and traditional mortar plasters, blocks, Hebel etc. 

Gripset C-Plug is a rapid setting, non shrink cement based compound that forms an instant waterproof seal against active water leaks under pressure. C-Plug is ideal for active water leakages through holes, cracks and similar openings in concrete and masonry surfaces.
High performance, one component, flexible polymer cementitious membrane designed for a range of positive and negative waterproofing applications. Based on unique polymer technology providing outstanding waterproofing and adhesion properties for long term sealing performance and durability
SikaGrout GP is a general purpose cementitious grout that is shrinkage compensated. SikaGrout GP is a blend of Portland cement, carefully selected and graded aggregates and admixtures.

Sikafloor Level PRO Primer is a pre-mixed latex liquid designed for the priming of porous substrates prior to the use of Sikafloor Cement based levelling products.

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