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Internal wet area waterproofing is the area that requires special attention to detail. After the building is complete, the membranes are normally buried under tiles or other flooring systems. Therefore, repairing water leaks can be a costly work. AQUAFLEX offers you a range of effective products for internal wet areas.



Aquaflex Fiber Plus is a liquid applied copolymer membrane containing a fibrous filament reinforcing. When fully cured Aquaflex Fiber Plus forms a flexible waterproofing lining for waterproofing showers and wet areas as described in Australian Standard AS 3740:2004, Waterproofing wet areas within residential buildings

Aquaflex Primer W is a single component water based acrylic coating used to penetrate and prime concrete and masonry surfaces. When dry it is a resistant to water. It is used as a primer prior to the application of water based membranes in internal or external applications.

Aquflex PU non exposed is a one part coal, tar free moisture curing, self-leveling polyurethane membrane. After it has been cured it provides a tough seamless, tough and durable elastomeric high impervious barrier to moisture.
Aquagard M Primer is a fast drying, single pack modified polyurethane primer for use with all Elastomeric Polyurethane based Membranes.

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