Retaining walls and Planter Boxes

  • Retaining walls and Planter Boxes

Water penetration can cause serious damage to your buildings. Waterproofing of Under Slabs and Retaining Walls is a job that must be done right the first time. AQUAFLEX recommends the following products for under slabs and waterproofing retaining walls.

The membranes should always be protected from UV exposure, either by over coating with 'Outdoor' (acrylic membrane), a water based paint, covered with tiles, cement topping or soil.


Duro Mastic BLW is a liquid applied, latex modified bituminous elastomeric waterproofing membrane which, when fully cured it forms a permanent flexible waterproof lining to most building surfaces including reinforce concrete, block work, brick work and cement render.
Gripset C1P is a high performance 1 component flexible polymer cementitious membrane designed for a range of positive and negative waterproofing applications over concrete and masonry surfaces. Suitable for podiums, terraces, water tanks, water storage areas, basements, wet areas, cellar walls, lift pits, immersed and subterranean areas.

Aqua Block BT is a single component, liquid applied, coaltar free, bitumen modified, moisture cured polyurethane waterproofing membrane designed to form a permanently flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane that is impervious to moisture.

Duram Crysto flex is a class 11 Flexibility, two part waterproofing membrane comprising of a liquid component of selected polymers and a powder component of selected cements, fillers and aggregates

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