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Waterproofing swimming pools is a critical component of the construction works required when building a Swimming pool. At Aquaflex we have a wide range of different systems to best suit any critical waterproofing application, contact us to see what system will best suit you.


ARDEX WPM 002 (Superflex Two Part) is a tough, fast drying two component waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use under tiles. The product has been uniquely formulated with synthetic microfibers to increase its strength and eliminate the need for a separate reinforcement mat. ARDEX WPM 002 is based on the most advanced acrylic polymer technology, and is totally resistant to re-emulsification

Ardex Hydrepoxy WPM 300 is water resistant, prevents rising damp, Efflorescence and withstands Hydrostatic pressure. Excellent adhesion to most substrates including damp surfaces and freshly laid green concrete, it is used a primer when waterproofing your swimmingpool or waterfeature.

Reinforced cloth used in critical areas like, cracks, movement joints, corner/covingareas and also wall floor junctions ARDEX Deckweb’s principal function is to help build membrane thickness in critical areas corners, wall to floor joints, pipe penetrations and its a must when waterproofing a swimming pool or waterfeature.

A premium-grade two part adhesive with exceptional bond. Its unique formula enables ARDEX Optima to be used over a number of difficult to adhere to surfaces. Tenacious bonding – tile directly over existing tiles – no grinding back the glaze, no special primers
• Highly water resistant
• High initial grab
• Highly flexible – achieves S2 classification

MAXPLUG  is a quick-setting cement-based mortar that instantly stops running water from cracks, fissures, holes or other openings in concrete and masonry. It is non-shrink and sets within three to five minutes depending on the temperature. Once MAXPLUG  sets, it adheres perfectly to the substrate. It only requires water for mixing.

MAXREST is a one-component structural repair mortar, made of special cements, additives and selected aggregates, which provides a thixotropic product with quick-setting time that does not shrink. It firmly adheres to the surface which it is applied on, restores concrete to its original condition.

MAXSEAL FLEX is a two-component product. Component “A” is a water-based special acrylic resin and component “B”, is a mortar based mixture of special cements, additives and well-graded aggregates. Once applied and cured, MAXSEAL FLEX provides a non-toxic, flexible and waterproof coating with very high adhesion on those common substrates in construction. Used for Waterproofing and protection of water retaining structures, such as drinking water tanks, reservoirs, water mains and swimming pools. Its also used for Waterproofing of below-grade structures concrete, natural and traditional mortar plasters, blocks, Hebel etc. APPLICATION FIELDS artificial stone, bricks, concrete and Dincel.

MAXREST PASSIVE is a one-component liquid product, ready to use as an oxide converter and protection of re-enforcing bars and other steel and iron surfaces against corrosion. MAXREST PASSIVE once applied Neutralizes the corrosion process, reacting quickly with the rust and transforms iron oxide into a stable passive layer giving full protection against corrosion, salts, acid and alkali attack.

MAXKOLA FLEX is an improved cement adhesive mortar with reduced slip and extended open time (Type and class C2TE), composed of hydraulic and synthetic binders, that once mixed with water provides a high performance mortar with excellent adhesion and flexibility, suitable for tiling of low porosity tiles and on non-rigid substrates, in both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Woven fiberglass Membrane reinforcement used in conjunction with Maxseal Flex. Maxmesh is used to reinforce and strengthen areas such as wall floor intersections, cracks in suspended slabs, slabs, cold joints and construction joints.

MAXJOlNT ELASTlC is a two-component product. Component A is a liquid based on special synthetic resins. Component B, supplied in powder form, as a mortar based mixture of cements, additives and special aggregates. When both components are mixed, an elastomeric product with high bond strength is achieved, suitable for sealing joints and cracks in concrete, pre-cast elements, mortars, bricks or other porous surfaces.

Maxjoint Elastic can withold hydrostatic pressure, can be applied on a wet surface and will fill up to a 40mm gap.

High performance, one component, flexible polymer cementitious membrane designed for a range of positive and negative waterproofing applications. Based on unique polymer technology providing outstanding waterproofing and adhesion properties for long term sealing performance and durability

Gripset 2P is a highly versatile, two component latex cementitious membrane designed for a range of waterproofing applications including internal and external wet areas, immersed and subterranean areas. Developed by advanced polymer technology, Gripset 2P provides a highly durable membrane while maintaining flexible and permanent waterproofing properties.

Premium grade, cementitious mortar compound designed for use in conjunction with other Gripset membranes and additives for general and specialised applications.

  • For use directly with Gripset membranes and additives
  • Superior finishes and performance

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