Waterproofing Accessories

  • Waterproofing Accessories
We offers a wide range of waterproofing accessories to assist completing your project. Now you can collect all the accessories that you need at Aquaflex. 

We have several types of sealants for waterproofing and they also build good adhesion on glass, aluminium, metal, concrete and most building materials.


Rapid setting, non shrink, cement based compound that forms an instant waterproof seal against active water leaks under pressure. Ideal for active water leakages through holes, cracks and similar openings in concrete and masonry surfaces.

  • Rapid setting and non shrinking
  • Instant seal against active water leaks
  • High strength waterproof finish
Roller frames available, heavy duty 2300mm ideal for waterproofing 
The Elastoproof B50 Joint Band is an innovative detailing system designed for waterproofing and sealing all types of joints, junctions and general areas subject to movement. Featuring the central “Flexible Zone” the B50 Joint Band can accommodate movement in longitudinal, lateral and transverse directions enabling high elongation, rupture resistance, and up to 100% elastic recovery. The B50 Joint Band is easy to install and provides for considerable time saving efficiencies and durable properties over conventional bond breaking sealants and tapes 
The Elastoproof Prefabricated Corner Sections ensure effective detailing of the Elastoproof Jointing Band applications at critical 90 and 270º corner intersections. Maintaining the “flexible zone” to ensure a seamless and elastic seal at joint intersections, Prefabricated Corner Sections overcome many difficulties when detailing membranes at volatile areas, providing a superior alternative to methods of multilayered membranes, reinforcement layers, bond breaking tapes, foam rods, sealants and welding. 
Gripset RF is the premier standard detailing fabric. With outstanding workability and inherent strength, Gripset RF is suitable for a range of waterproofing application where liquid membrane detailing or enhanced tensile strength is required. A non-woven polypropylene, Gripset RF provides excellent rupture resistance for liquid membranes over cracks, sheet laps or joints. Gripset RF is also designed use in between coats of Gripset membranes when used over metal surfaces covering pin holes or sheet laps 

Ensures effective detailing and enhanced sealing around penetrations such as pipes, drainage outlets, cabling and any substrate fixtures by protecting against movement, vibration and cracking.

  • Permanent elastic collar seal for pipes, drainage, cabling, outlets and penetrations
  • Protects against movement, vibration and cracking
  • Permanent tight seal against water ingress

Multi-purpose, self adhesive band designed for detailing and flashing a variety of surfaces.

  • Excellent adhesion and flexible properties
  • Protection against moisture ingress, vibration and flexing
  • Creates an instant waterproof seal that can be finished over with Gripset membranes, coatings, mortars, adhesives and renders

High performance latex additive specifically formulated to enhance the performance and durability of cement based compounds.

  • Improves adhesion strength
  • Enhances water resistance, gas permeability and waterproof properties
  • Increases flexural strength, durability and abrasion resistance
  • Professional trade brush
  • Extra long bristle
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Hand crafted
  • Australian Made


A trade quality strong and durable skeleton gun for dispensing all cartridge based products. Featuring Soudal Dripless System which reduces mess and product waste.


– Strong, robust and lightweight
– Dripless system automatically releases pressure
– Contoured Trigger
– Powder coated for longevity
– Dispenses all cartridges


A Powerful heavy duty, trade quality sausage. Comes with aluminium and clear plastic interchangeable barrels.


– Heavy duty and strong
– Smooth operation
– Large handle and trigger
– Option of clear plastic or aluminium barrel
– Dispenses all sausages

Drill Product Mixer 

Small and Large sizes available 

Gas Torch for Bitumen Membrane 

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?